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All Smiles: Saeed Mohamed hugs Daanyaak Abdul at Claremont High School after
receiving their matric results. Every pupil in the first matric class at the new school
passed and 84 percent achieved a university pass.




Claremont High students have the option of playing bridge on a Thursday afternoons during extramural period. Our bridge program is run by the Western Cape Bridge Union who send instructors to teach the students the rules of the game. Bridge is offered at Claremont High School as it stimulates the mind.There are approximately 20 students enrolled in this program.


Volunteers: Wendy Pretorius, Ingrid Wheeler & Suzanne Mullard


French At CHS

We have had a great time with Miss Kagee teaching us French. The language of love is nothing but lovely. We have learnt many things including how to construct basic sentences, how to identify feminine and masculine words and basic vocabulary. Not only has this been an exciting experience but we have benefited by receiving free chocolate when answering questions correctly. Who would have thought that learning would be such a sweet experience.

Thank you for dedicating your time to teach us the language of love, Miss Kagee.

Claremont High School celebrates its first birthday! An atmosphere of celebration filled the quads and hall of Claremont High School when the learners and teachers gathered to celebrate the success of one of Cape Town's newest schools. CHS opened its doors last year as a Mathematics and Science-focused school in partnership with Westerford High School.

A normal school day was followed by an assembly where learners were able to share their experience of being part of the pioneering cohort in 2011. Learners shared their stories of being in a small school that often feels like a family in spite of "working longer and harder"(a normal school day ends at 16:15 including school activities and sports). Murray Gibbon, the deputy principal, also shared his insight and experience of leading a new school while flanked and supported by Rob le Roux, the pricipal of Westerford High School. Mr Gibbon shared how the school has constantly been in construction, "a work in progress".

The festivities of cake, music and dancing were followed by a Fun Sports Day at WHS the following day. A day of inter-class games and sports were organised where each learner had an opportunitiy to be part of a team. Learners were donned in bright colours and spent the day cheering for their teams throughout the morning.

Claremont High School is a new and innovative Western Cape Educational Department (WCED) school which strives to create an enabling and challenging environment focussed on producing outstanding academic performance among pupils from backgrounds which do not typically allow access to the best quality education.

The primary outcome of this exciting institution is an educational experience that gives young people the best chance through education to become engaging and responsible South African citizens.

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In order to drive development and growth of the school forward on a clear and consistent path, the following vision statement has been compiled:

"At CHS we strive to create an exemplary, enabling and challenging environment that equips our students to be:

  • active learners with outstanding academic performance,
  • happy, engaged and well rounded individuals,
  • responsible South Africans who demonstrate integrity and respect.

We encourage educators to grow and develop a vibrant, innovative and creative environment and to adopt an approach that is holistic and empowering, yet caters for the individual needs."


Claremont High School, Molteno Road, Claremont, 7708 --:-- Tel: 021 671 0645, Fax: 021 671 5076
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